The Capital Area Jodokai
Welcome to the website for the Capital Area Jodokai.  We study jodo, the way of the stick, as taught by Kaminoda Tsunemori Sensei of the Nihon Jodokai.  We practice Saturday (11-1:30 pm) & Tuesday (7-9 pm) at 25 S. Quaker Lane, Alexandria VA.COMING IN SEPTEMBER: NEW GROUP FORMING IN PORTLAND, OREGON. CONTACT DAN@SHINDOMUSORYU.ORG FOR INFORMATION.


News & Events Update
Our teacher, Kaminoda Tsunemori Sensei passed away on March 9. A police instructor who learned directly from Shimizu Sensei, Kaminoda Sensei trained thousands of people in iaido and jodo. We carry on his legacy through our continuing practice.


The 2015 North American gasshuku will be held August 28-September 1. This event is open to anyone who wants to practice Shindo Muso Ryu jodo as taught by Kaminoda Sensei. Email
Dan Pearson directly for more information.
August 15-19, 2014 North American Gasshuku
The Capital Area Jodokai hosted an event with almost 50 participants from around North America. The formal gasshuku covered 3 days, with 2 full days of additional training, the breadth of coverage and the intensity of the practice produced a lot of improvement in everyone’s waza. The prize for the furthest travel went to Hector Perez and Nidia Camacho (Jack Bieler students) who came from Dubai!
June 20-22, 2014 Windsong Dojo Budo Camp
Nick Lowry Sensei hosted a terrific event with top flight teachers in aikido, daito ryu jujutsu and judo. Dan was there too, along with Jack Bieler of Denton, TX. Held at Lowry Sensei’s dojo in Oklahoma City, over 30 people tried Shindo Muso Ryu jodo, many for the first time. Wonderful event for a good charity to support recovery in Moore, OK from the tornado of May, 2013.

April 26-27, 2014
Dan went to Montreal to train with Réal Genest Sensei’s jodo and iaido group. Worked through kihon, omote and kenjutsu during the weekend. Genest Sensei began his jodo training with Mitsuzuka Sensei in the 1970s and then continued with Kaminoda Sensei in 1981. That connection with Kaminoda Sensei led to Dan Pearson being invited to come “update” the Montreal group. Genest Sensei had done a terrific job teaching jodo as he had learned it and his group was very, very impressive.

Sakura Matsuri 2014 650
Sakura Matsuri street festival on April 12. We showed jodo, kenjutsu, tanjojutsu, kusarigama jutsu and jutte jutsu compressed into 30 minutes. Good crowd and a beautiful day.Photos

April 12, 2014
Capital Area Jodokai members performed at the National Cherry Blossom/
This 400 year-old, classical Japanese weapons art is built around the use of a staff to defeat a swordsman.  Invented by Muso Gonnosuke as a dueling art, jodo rapidly evolved into a policing art. The jo proves to be a formidable weapon against a swordsman, and a skilled jo practitioner can tune the amount of force to the situation.
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Over time, associated weapon arts were added to the curriculum. These include tanjo (a walking stick), kenjutsu, kusarigama, jutte & tessen, and hojojutsu (rope tying).

The Capital Area Jodokai trains in Alexandria, Virginia, performs embu around the region, and members travel to Japan as frequently as life allows to train in gasshuku or at the Zoshukan dojo in Tokyo with Kaminoda Sensei and the other senior instructors of the Nihon Jodokai.

scott rakow photo
(l-r) Michael Rogers of Nagano/New Mexico, Ray Sosnowski, Josh Badgley, Lena Carlberg of Stockholm, Kashima, 2006.

Shindo Muso ryu jodo is a koryu, or classical martial art, and training in it is not a casual enterprise. There are many good instructors around the U.S., often with different ties back to Japan. If you are interested in studying Shindo Muso Ryu jodo, make sure that you find someone who has a live tie back to a master instructor in Japan. Jodo cannot be learned from a book, from Youtube or from films; it must be learned through direct transmission.

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Dan Pearson and Rich Friman, Kashima Taikai, 2008.

Dan Pearson is a direct student of Kaminoda Sensei, and serves as the senior instructor of the Capital Area Jodokai, with teaching licenses for jodo and kusarigama. Groups affiliated with Kaminoda Sensei can be found in Milwaukee (the Go Daiko Jodokai led by Rich Friman); Houston & Denton, Texas (Jack Bieler); New York City (Deborah Klens-Bigman in Long Island City and Michael Calandra Sensei in Floral Park); Montreal (Réal Genest Sensei); Western Pennsylvania (Corey Comstock). If you are interested in training in the Washington, D.C. area, or want information on how to train with these other groups, please feel free to contact us.

Photos on this page courtesy of Valerie Mathews, Scott Rakow, Dan Pearson, Nettie Legters and members of the Nihon Jodokai.