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Kaminoda Tsunemori Sensei
Kaminoda Sensei is hachidan hanshi in jodo and iaido, nanadan kyoshi in kendo. He holds menkyo kaiden (full transmission in the art) in Shindo Muso Ryu jodo as well as being the recognized soke for Isshin Ryu Kusarigama. He is also an accomplished shodo artist. A senior student of Shimizu Takaji Sensei, he is one of the last of the generation of koryu martial artists who could make a living practicing their art.

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In the early post-war years Kaminoda Sensei joined the Tokyo police department and began studying jodo with Shimizu Sensei, then the chief staff instructor for the Tokyo riot police. Kaminoda Sensei made rapid progress with the jo, already being a strong kendo player, and also began the study of iaido.

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When Shimizu Sensei retired from the police force, Kaminoda Sensei became the chief instructor for the 4th division of the Tokyo riot police, the unit responsible for protecting the Imperial family. Upon his retirement, Sensei was the longest serving member of the riot police, and had practiced jodo everyday for 40 years.

Sensei Teaching

Kaminoda Sensei continues to practice and teach everyday. His students benefit from his over 60 years of study in martial arts, and experience honed in the dojo and on the street.

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Donn Draeger Sensei was one of Kaminoda Sensei's closest friends, learning jodo together under Shimizu Sensei's guidance.

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Kaminoda Sensei supports foreign students on four continents.
(The photo of Kaminoda Sensei in uniform doing kihon is from “Fighting Spirit of Old Japan,” a Rising Sun Production. Personal photos on this page courtesy of Kaminoda Sensei, members of the Nihon Jodokai, Michael Rogers, and Dan Pearson.)