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Links to a few friends, favorites and useful sources. Links should open in a new window.

Unofficial Page of the Nihon Jodokai

This page is full of interesting historical information and often has reports from the most recent events (complete with some photos). All in Japanese.

The Capital Area Budokai page

The umbrella organization in D.C. involving four other first class instructors of four other flavors of Japanese budo: kyudo, batto-do, naginata and kendo.

The Milwaukee Go Dai Ko jodokai page

Our friend Rich Friman’s jodo page. He has a great group and both he and his Assistant Instructor, Claude Gilmore, are wonderful training and travel partners.

The Texas Jodokai of “The Dojo” in Denton Texas

Jack Bieler’s blog that includes discussion of jodo. He shares “The Dojo” with John Ray, who is a phenomenal Muso Jikiden Eishen Ryu iaido instructor. Top quality martial arts on the Northern end of the Dallas metroplex. Jack is learning Kaminoda Sensei’s style of koryu jodo and passing that on to his students.

Stockholm Jodokai

The Carlberg’s have a strong dojo with wonderful students. Our group and theirs have shared a lot of mat time together in Japan. The Carlberg’s are absolutely top notch jodoka and we are lucky to have them as sempai to learn from and work with.

Don’t know these folks, but they are a Japan based group who study in the teaching line from Kuroda Sensei. Kuroda Sensei and Kaminoda Sensei were very close friends serving in the police together. By all reports, Kuroda Sensei was always very kind to foreign students and very giving of his time and knowledge. This site is full of first class information. Highly recommended.

Peter Boylan’s Mugendo Budogu

Peter is out near Detroit and runs a jodo group there. He is a friend who has shown up in Kashima more than a couple of times (and you will see his face in several photos on this site). He carries first class gear and is always worth a shout if you are on the hunt for something.

Aoi Art Japanese Swords

If you lust for Japanese swords (and if you don’t, what are you doing here?) in all forms and from all ages, Aoi sells them. They carry gendaito and iaido quality older blades pretty regularly and the prices are more reasonable than most of the custom blades ordered from the States. If you must have a custom blade however, try Peter Boylan’s site. He knows people...

Kim Taylor’s Sei do Kai

When someone writes the history of the boom in Japanese weapons arts in North America since 1990, they are going to have to devote an entire chapter to Kim Taylor’s role. He used electronic media to open up connections between people who were curious and people who had something to offer and created a community where none had existed. He is a strong martial artist who has always had great students around him. And of course he also sells martial arts gear--some of it made in North America. The Sei do Kai and the Capital Area Jodokai have no connection, and we have gone different paths in jodo, but Kim’s efforts contributed to an environment where the CAJ could thrive. Thanks Kim!

Byako Kan Dojo, New York

Sang Kim Sensei’s Toyama Ryu Battojutsu group. Strong battodo that combines an understanding of the combative logic with very proficient cutting in New York City.

Koryu Books

Meik and Diane Skoss publish some of the best works on Japanese koryu that can be found. Buy a book and support those who support what you love. They also run a dojo in East Hanover New Jersey that teaches Yagyu Shinkage-ryu hyoho, Toda-ha Buko-ryu naginatajutsu, and Shinto Muso-ryu jodo.

Ray Sosnowski’s article on a Kashima Gasshuku

Ray did up this piece after going to a Kashima gasshuku in 2005. Kaminoda Sensei, Osato Sensei, Yamaguchi Sensei, Abe Sensei were all there and teaching up a storm. This was Ray’s take on the experience after coming down from the jet lag.

Wikipedia page on Muso Gonnosuke

Founder of Shindo Muso ryu with a handy biography.

Wikipedia page on Nakayama Hakudo

Established Muso Shinden Ryu iaido.

Link to “Fighting Spirit of Old Japan” available at

If Amazon doesn’t have it, you can go directly to “Rising Sun Productions” to order it. This DVD was shot in the late 1940s or early 1950s. It shows Shimizu Sensei casually demonstrating police jo and tanjo techniques in a park. We believe this is the earliest film of Shimizu Sensei commercially available. He is also shown doing some jo kata with a still maturing tachi player--so the kata aren’t that intense. Kaminoda Sensei appears in the film in his police uniform--one stripe at the time.

George Wood and Baguazhang/Xingyiguan

George Wood is in Sterling Virginia teaching Gao style Baguazhang and Hebei Xingyiquan as he learned it from Luo Dexiu. Sifu Luo is one of the top teachers in Taiwan and George studied directly under him for several years. George is a terrific teacher and hosts Mr. Luo in a seminar every year (Sifu Luo is an even better body arts instructor than George). If you live in the DC area and have been searching for authentic Chinese empty hand arts, go study with George Wood.